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  1. Conference Table Buying Guide 2023

    Conference table

    You no longer need to worry about looking for an executive conference table! Just browse our extensive selection of items to add gorgeous, contemporary conference tables to your workstation. Each and every one of our products is carefully crafted, which is more than enough to satisfy your needs for comfort or décor. We have kept in mind when manufacturing conference tables that in addition to providing comfort, it should also reflect the workplace culture.

    Modern Conference Table for Office

    Stylish and high-quality goods: The Conference-Meeting Table is built of sturdy, weatherproof MDF and features an elevated accessory place. An impact-resistant edge and long-lasting high quality are qualities of this product's laminated finish.

    Multiutility: It functions admirably as a writing table for a family at home, at work, at school, and in public spaces. It has many workstations and takes up minimal space, therefore

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  2. Measurements that Matter: Student Desks and Chairs

    school furniture

     Student desks and chairs are some of the most critical pieces of furniture in any learning environment. These two pieces of furniture are the foundation of a classroom or study space and play a significant role in creating a conducive learning atmosphere. Choosing the right desks and chairs for students is essential, and ensuring that the selected furniture meets specific measurements that matter is critical. In this blog post, we will explore the measurements that matter when it comes to school furniture.

    Desk Measurements:

    Desk Height: The height of the desk should be adjustable to accommodate different student sizes. Generally, the recommended height for a student desk is between 22 to 30 inches. This range accommodates most students from kindergarten to high school.

    Desk Width: The width of the desk should be wide enough to allow students to spread their materials out comfortably. The recommended

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  3. What Makes an Ergonomic Gaming Chair So Important for a Gamer?

    What Makes an Ergonomic Gaming Chair So Important for a Gamer?

     Who else doesn’t like to play games? In fact, over a few years, gaming has become the most popular mode of entertainment worldwide. Gamers don’t even realise the hours passing when they dive into a game. And if you are on the same page, you may understand what we are trying to say!

    But do you know gaming can impact your health, especially physically, when you often spend long hours in front of the PC screen? The best way to keep yourself safe is to invest in an ergonomic gaming chair

    If you wonder why, we are going to tell you its importance for a gamer. Let’s get started.

    Importance of an ergonomic gaming chair for a gamer

    Playing video games can really make your mood refreshed. However, maybe your mind releases stress when you play games for a longer period, but your body experiences more strain instead. It can cause back pain, discomfort and different health issues eventually. 

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  4. 6 Space-Efficient Study Table Designs for Students That Are Hot Right Now

    study table

    People may increase their productivity and ensure they have a comfortable location to work or study if they have a good workspace. As a result, there is a growing demand for office and study tables that are offered online in Dubai. Our tables are expertly made with high-quality components and an eye-catching design, providing the ideal combination of form and function.

    Stylish Workstation

    Discover the height of design and use with Mahmayi's contemporary workstations and white office tables. Our amazing selection creates a breathtaking range of workstations that will inspire and revitalise by fusing modern designs with high-quality materials. Therefore, Mahmayi offers the ideal solution for you, whether you're searching for a study desk to optimise productivity or a minimalist workstation to enhance your space. Explore our wide selection online

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  5. Advantages of Adding Standing Desks to Your Workplace

    standing desk

    If you are thinking of buying a standing desk in Dubai, you are at the right place. There are different styles of standing desks available, especially curated to serve the needs of every individual. Let us explore some of the collection: 

    USB-charging standing desk

    A height-adjustable desk with USB charging connections is available from us. This device offers great value and aids in keeping a balanced work-life schedule that alternates between sitting and standing. Our standing desk with USB ports features three USB power inputs, including three USB charging ports, which is its best feature. With regard to your technological equipment, this is highly practical. These contemporary desks offer clean, chic designs. Visit our site for an online exploration.

    Adjustable Height for Standing Desk

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  6. How to Use Ladder Shelves to Decorate Your Home?

    ladder shelf

    A ladder shelf can not only be used as a storage unit but also to elevate the home decor of your place. The most trendy designs of storage shelves and the way they can be used to decorate your space have been discussed below: 

    4 Tier Storage Rack, Storage Shelves - Rustic Brown

    SOMETHING FOR SURE: Some furniture is aesthetically pleasing but not particularly useful. Others are practical yet appear sterile and uninteresting. But not with this ladder shelf, which combines four stable shelves with warm, rustic wood tones for the best of both worlds.

    PERFECT DESIGN: This storage shelf stands out because of the combination of its sturdy matte-black steel frame, x-bars, and rustic brown shelves. It also offers

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  7. How to Choose the Best Fireproof Safe for Your Valuables?

    Home Safe

    Choosing fireproof safes for your valuables is an important decision. A good fireproof safe will protect your belongings from fire, theft, and other natural disasters. But how do you choose the best fireproof safe for your needs? Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a fireproof safe.

    Fire Rating

    The fire rating of security safes refers to the length of time it can withstand high temperatures before its contents become damaged. Fire ratings are measured in minutes and can range from 30 minutes to several hours. Consider the type of items you plan to store in the safe and choose a fire rating that can withstand the heat for the necessary amount of time. A fireproof safe with a fire rating of at least one hour is recommended for most people.


    The size of the home safe

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  8. How to Choose a Modern TV Stand?

    TV Stand

    Now that you have bought home a brand new TV, you need a place to set it up. A modern TV stand has become a staple furniture requirement in every house these days. It not only helps in storing your TV but also acts as a standalone furniture piece, which can elevate the look of your living room. You need to choose such a TV stand table which can keep the TV at a good height. While you might be tempted to pick one from the myriad options available in the market, you should conduct your own research and only then invest in a TV stand. 

    Factors to Consider before purchasing modern TV stands

    Choose built-in wall mounts: When you place your TV on the TV stand, you are spared of the hassles of wall-mounting, which usually involves obtaining the perfect height and angle and then drilling holes in the walls. However,

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  9. How to Make a Positive First Impression from Your Office Reception Area?

    reception chairs and desks

    Modernreception desks are an essential part of any office, providing a central point for visitors and employees to check in, make inquiries, and receive directions. Modern reception desks have evolved over the years to keep up with changing trends and advancements in technology. They are now designed to provide more functionality, comfort, and style to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere for visitors.

    When selecting a modern reception desk, there are several factors to consider to ensure that it meets the needs of your business, staff, and visitors. Below are some essential tips to guide you in choosing the right modern reception desk.

    Consider the size of your reception area

    The size of your reception area will determine the size and shape of your reception desk. If you have a small reception area, you should opt for

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  10. Where from to Buy the Best Office Furniture in Dubai?

    office furniture

    If you are looking for office furniture, you are at the right place. Explore our range of exquisite and functional office furniture. 

    Zelda M230-16 Modern Executive Desk

    Little Work Surface with Contemporary Design: This office furniture store in Dubai is perfect for working on a laptop, reading a good book, or doing schoolwork because it is small and has a contemporary style.

    Elegant and contemporary: The wood grain paper laminate finish of the Modern Desk comes in a number of finishes and complements any decor in the home, workplace, and elsewhere.

    Built-in Drawer Storage: The built-in drawers are tucked beneath the work surface and are the ideal size for office supplies, documents, books, or binders.

    Simple to Assemble: Assemble in as little as 35 minutes with the help of concise, easy-to-read instructions.


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